Martha Wash

Martha Wash is a two-time Grammy™ nominated singer best-known for her international number one single, "It's Raining Men".

The strategy

Martha has been singing professionally since the late 70's. After years of singing as part of The Weather Girls and performing lead vocals for groups like C+C Music Factory ("Everybody Dance Now") and Black Box ("Strike It Up", "Everybody Everybody"), Martha left her mainstream record label and started her own indie company, Purple Rose Records. As part of this new venture, she released her long-awaited adult contemporary project "Something Good". The first two singles were reflective of her new, more mature sound, however, for the third single release, "I'm Not Coming Down," Martha teamed up with DJ Tony Moran for a club remix package. Mixtape Strategy designed the CD artwork for both a physical CD and digital release. The design for this single emphasizes her triumphant return to the club floor with an energetic and colourful design. Check out the track on iTunes here.

In addition to the CD artwork, we designed a series of digital ads including Facebook cover image, various other online banners, and are working on the design for the second volume of remixes.