La Muse Enchantée

La Muse Enchantée is a bath and beauty products company with long-standing, secret family recipes.

The strategy

This Montreal-based client approached us to help create a brand for her bath and beauty products. The recipes have been passed down through generations of women in the owner's family and are a blend of all natural ingredients, including some rare and unusual. Originally a side project, the client was getting ready to expand her company and focus solely on marketing her products in the competitive beauty and lifestyle market. She needed to stand out.

The client felt an affinity towards fantasy and talked about her products in an almost fairy-tale-like manner. The first step was to create a logo which reflected an almost mystical aspect of these family secrets. We developed the logo using a typeface which was playful and manipulated one of the letters to become an icon of a fairy to help emphasize the fairy-tale which would become a key identifier of their brand.

The Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario showcased this logo in their annual dayplanner.