YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington

The YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington is a charitable organization helping people achieve personal growth in spirit, mind and body through participation and service to the community.

The strategy

This project is showcasing Ryan Nunn's (Mixtape Strategy Owner and Creative Director) work while he was employed earlier in his career at Graphic Ideas. The YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington was planning an event where past donors would be asked for substantial donations in order to build a new facility. Previous donor events had a disappointing 30% rate of attendance. The goal of this piece was to increase attendance to at least 50% in the hopes of raising the funds needed.

The strategy was to develop an invitation that stood out from the usual printed invitations and would be more likely to capture the reader’s attention. "Sketch-A-YMCA" was conceived to resemble nostalgic packaging and contained a mini Etch-A-Sketch. To increase the authenticity of the piece, we researched the original typeface used by Etch-A-Sketch in their logo. The goal was to remind potential donors of their childhood and increase awareness of the important work the YMCA does for children and families. The invitation announced the plans that were being "sketched" out and invited potential donors to an event where they could learn more.

The donor event had over 80% attendance and the YMCA secured three times the funds they hoped this event would raise. This piece was featured at the RGD Design at Work Exhibit and won the NAYDO Award in the Capital Campaign category.